Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A nice illustration of how the BBCs 'impartiality' allows the government to get away with whatever it wants:I watched 'Suez' last night and it made me smile.A war scheme cooked up by Eden,Ben Gurion and the French to re-occupy the Suez canal.If the British representative hadn't been cajoled into signing a piece of paper,there would have been NO RECORD.

When the Conservatives called Blair a liar over Iraq before the last election,the BBC was up in arms(!) about it.'You can't accuse the Prime Minister of lying without absolute proof!' --The well known Suez precedent tells us these operations are conducted by word of mouth.THERE WON'T BE ANY PROOF!!The people outraged over the obvious cobbled together falseness of the Government's 'intelligence' were denied an outlet by which to mock its absurdity.This cloak that deflects criticism of the Government also allows their frequent relaunches.The man in the street can see the Emperor has no clothes but the lack of proof** stops BBC comment and denies the common sense man in the street an outlet to air his mockery.NOW the BBC hold an 'impartiality summit'.It's not their consciences that are talking but real fear of losing their pay cheques after having disenfranchised too many people.
** I've substituted 'proof' for 'evidence' here as that is what I meant to say!! I posted the original to the 'BBC Editors' and with horror realized I couldn't change it.I can here.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The BBC has an editorial policy unit that sometimes indulges in social engineering.See substitution of the phrase 'lone parent' for the phrase (then) in actual common everyday use 'single parent'.I read in Frederic Forsythe's Express column (but it's not essential to the case) that the Wilson report had aknowledged there was an influx of leftward leaning journalists into the BBC in the build up to the 1997 election.I first heard the use of 'Tory' to describe the Conservative Party in a BBC radio news report in (mid)1996.This then migrated to television news reports with (to my recollection)increasing frequency approaching the '97 election.We had Labour and New (improved) Labour.We had Conservative and Tory.The Labour terms are mutually reinforcing in brand terms.The Conservative terms are not.You could claim that Tory had become a term of abuse to a small proportion of the population by that time.I've seen many news reports since that time onwards when Conservative and Tory were used interchangeably and in the same report.No commercial organisation would permit such de-branding.If media was impartial they wouldn't either.You can use (and in my opinion it was/is so used) 'Labour' when reporting stories emphasising 'traditional socialist values'.You can use 'New Labour' when reporting on the party's 'vision for the future'.Using both in the same report is fine as they mutually reinforce.You can use Conservative to suggest 'stuck in the mud'or Tory to conjure up 'snobs and the rich'.'Aunty Beeb' is a tremendous anchor for the country as a whole.Where the establishment meets the people.If you can put your foot in that door you're in the driving seat.Politics has to form and grow in an organic way or all of us are poorly served.Remember when the Conservatives accused Blair of lying about Iraq before the last election.The media were up in arms.You can't say that without absolute proof.The trouble is these things are done by word of mouth.There won't be any memos/emails etc.So,the BBC has de-branded the Conservative party.Also by its purported impartiality it protects the government by disallowing mocking of the absurdity of its (to me) fabricated evidence that took us into war.Because of the BBC being a television company,it brings us the 'news' first.It sets the tone for the next day newspapers.IMO this whole thing was a Labour plan in conjunction with sympathetic leftward leaning journalists already in the BBC(or joining in that pre '97 election buildup).In my opinion Labour have to be removed from power as Human Nature dictates that rather than rowing back from their wrong doings.Having got away with it (and believing the end justifies the means) they'll see how much further they can push it next time.Who was in charge of the editorial policy unit pre 1997 election?Probably not rampant BNP supporters?On one hand the BBC has De-Branded the Conservative party on the other its laughable pretence of impartiality prevents criticism of,in my opinion,Government lies and fabrications in regards to the Iraq War,for example